Easy DIY Switch Adapted Bubble Machine

One of the top 5 questions I get asked most is how I take store bought toys and games and adapt them to be switch accessible. One of Ellie’s favorite switch adapted toys is her bubble machine and it is a great beginners adaptation because it’s so cheap and easy! You can purchase adapted bubble machines from various companies, but they are very overpriced ($60-$80). In this tutorial I teach you how to make your own DIY switch adapted bubble machine for under $25 (switch not included in cost).

Required Items:

  • Bubble Machine

  • Batteries

  • Battery Interrupter

  • Switch

Bubble Machine: You can use any battery operated bubble machine that has an on/off switch. This is the one I recommend.

Battery Interrupter: Most small bubble machines use AA or AAA batteries. You will need one battery interrupter 1/8" Jack for one bubble machine. Here are one, two, and three places you can purchase.

Switch: When it comes to switches, there is no one size fits all. Consult your child’s Occupational Therapist or Assistive Tech Specialist to see what switch suits your child’s needs. These are some switches that are popular: Big Red, Joystick, Pillow, Tactile, Head Switch.

Step 1: Gather bubble machine, battery interrupter, and batteries.


Step 2: Put in all but one battery.


Step 3: Place batter interrupter onto spring where the negative (-) end of the battery would go. It does not matter which side of the battery interrupter is facing upwards.


Step 4: Put negative (-) end of battery in and click into place. The battery interrupter will be between the spring and negative (-) end of battery.


Step 5: Plug switch into 1/8" jack battery interrupter. Turn the bubble machine on. When you push and hold down on the switch the machine should turn on start blowing bubbles! Release switch to stop the bubble machine. Have fun!