Ellie 3.5 Years Old

Ellie is three and a half years old as of October 29th! The past six months since her birthday have flown by. She seems to be crushing milestones left and right these days, so I wanted to put all the videos of her in one place. She is so strong, so determined, so brave, so ABLE! 

Walking--Ellie has been walking with support for over a year, but she's recently picked up speed and has decided she wants to run as fast as she can. Once her Clubfoot is fixed, her gait and scissoring will improve so much. I have no idea how I will be able to keep up with her. 

Standing-- Recently her trunk has become so much stronger so now she can stand (with her AFOs on) and play with a toy (her favorite is the maraca). Her left arm has slightly lower tone so she is able to extend is much easier and manipulate an object. Making noise is her absolute favorite. The louder the better!

Kicking--She seems to now understand the concept that she can kick a ball, and someone will kick it back. Ellie has amazing social skills and will play with anyone, but she especially loves kids a bit older than her who know when to be gentle and when they can be rough.

Sitting--I am probably most excited about this new skill (and Ellie is too). For a child with cerebral palsy, high tone, and low trunk control, sitting without support is a MAJOR milestone. Ellie can now sit without support for up to 30 min. She has to concentrate and focus intently while doing it, so I would not consider it functional sitting yet, but we are well on our way. 

Crawling--Army crawling is one of Ellie's favorite things to do. If you put her down on the mat she can fly across it towards the toy she wants. She can push up to get her chest off the mat, but isn't stable enough to get to an "on all fours" position. If you walk away for a second she's across the room off the mat. 

Rolling-- The video isn't a good representation of the skill, but Ellie can go from a push up position while lying on the mat, roll to one side, then push to roll all the way onto her back. She's still working on rolling back to her stomach, but she almost has the hang of getting back onto her stomach. 

I'm so proud of Ellie. I can't say it enough. In the two years she's been with me she's gone from a lifeless, scared, uninteractive, tiny baby to a joyful, communicative, active, toddler who LOVES life and LIVES it to the fullest.